AXOR Experts-Conseils, one of the 300 most important SMEs in Quebec!

A conspicuous first AXOR Experts-Conseils is named among the 300 most important SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) in Quebec.

The October 22nd 2016 issue of Les Affaires, presents this annual ranking which identifies companies having Quebecers as the majority of its shareholders and a maximum of 300 employees.

Being part of this ranking is a very satisfying recognition of our ongoing efforts for sustainability and growth and our strategy to maintain and develop our human resources, the pillars of our reputation.

The importance we attach to our broadening of our shareholder base to include our employees is concrete evidence of our dedication to the promising future we envisage for our firm.

It is an honor for AXOR Experts-Conseils to be recognized as one of the largest SMEs in Quebec.

It is an honor shared with all our employees.

Congratulations to all!