New railroad siding for ArcelorMittal

AXOR Experts-Conseils is proud to announce a new mandate for the feasibility and retail engineering of a new railroad siding between the Mont-Wright Mining Complex and the Fire Lake Mine, given by ArcelorMittal Mining Canada (AMMC).

>> A study of train movements between the Mont-Wright and Fire Lake sites clearly demonstrates the operational benefits of adding a railroad siding for 240 cars between the two mining sites Of AMMC.

>> This is a strategic project for AMMC to enable it to fully exploit the potential of the Fire Lake mine in a context of rising iron prices.

To have a better understanding of the importance to AMMC of maintaining and increasing its production on the North Shore, read in Les Affaires (in French only) :

Pourquoi ArcelorMittal doit accroître sa production by Antoine Dion-Ortega (Edition of 23 April 2016)