Public Notice

signs a compliance agreement with the Commissioner of Canada Elections with respect to political contributions made at the federal level between 2004 and 2009 and undertakes to continue to comply with the Canada Elections Act

MONTREAL, August 29 2019

AXOR Experts-Conseils INC. and the Commissioner of Canada Elections (the “Commissioner”) entered into a compliance agreement on August 29, 2019 under the Canada Elections Act (the “Act”) with respect to political contributions made to federal political parties between June 19, 2004 and December 31, 2009. The full text of the agreement is available on the Commissioner’s website at AXOR Experts-Conseils INC. acknowledges that, during the relevant period, some of its employees and, in some cases, members of their families made political contributions to federal political entities. Some of these contributions were repaid to the contributors with AXOR Experts-Conseils INC. resources. At the time the compliance agreement was signed, all the contributions in question had been returned to the Receiver General by the political parties in question.

AXOR Experts-Conseils INC. undertakes to continue to comply with its internal ethics and compliance policies implemented in 2013 and 2015, as have been amended, and to comply with the provisions of the Act prohibiting political contributions not originating from individuals who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada. Furthermore, for the next two years, AXOR Experts-Conseils INC., at its own expense, will be subject to audit by an independent auditor to ensure that the internal ethics and compliance policies adopted by the company are maintained and effectively applied. 

AXOR Experts-Conseils INC. is aware of the seriousness of the situation and is committed to continuing to maintain appropriate measures to ensure full compliance with the Act and to prevent its financial or other resources from being used directly or indirectly to make political contributions at the federal level or to repay directly or indirectly, in any form whatsoever, such contributions made by its employees, officers, subcontractors or members of their families.  

AXOR Experts-Conseils INC. cooperated with the Commissioner throughout the process.

A compliance agreement is a voluntary agreement based on the terms and conditions that the Commissioner considers necessary to ensure compliance with the Act. These agreements may include a statement by the person or entity (the “contracting party”) admitting responsibility for the act or omission constituting the offence. The admission of responsibility does not constitute a criminal conviction in a court of law and does not result in a criminal record for the contracting party. Further information about compliance agreements can be found at sections 517 to 521 of the Act.

AXOR Experts-Conseils INC.’s compliance and ethics policies now contain clear and explicit clauses that:

  • prohibit the use of the company’s financial or other resources in any way to make or repay political contributions, directly or indirectly;
  • encourage and protect whistleblowers who report any illegal acts committed within the company;
  • require all employees and officers of the company to make a written commitment to comply with the company’s compliance and ethics policies, including prohibitions against the  making or repayment of political contributions using the company’s resources either directly or indirectly.

For more information on Axor Experts-Conseils INC.’s compliance and ethics policies, Click here.

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Happy Birthday AXOR Experts-Conseils!

From a former subsidiary to the fully autonomous and legally recognized firm since 2010, AXOR Experts-Conseils has accumulated 45 years of history, expertise and achievements!