FNX-INNOV and AXOR Experts-Conseils merge

Montreal, October 31, 2019 – Engineering firms FNX-INNOV and AXOR Experts-Conseils announced this morning their merger, by becoming a single company operating under the FNX-INNOV entity.

This merger creates a synergy of expertise, resources and territories that allows it to count on nearly 1000 employees and to offer multidisciplinary services in several sectors and regions where demand is omnipresent. FNX-INNOV is thus becoming a major player in Quebec and Eastern Canada.

“As we become more significant and successful, we will be able to bid on larger contracts in diversified fields of activity, in addition to giving our specialists the opportunity to integrate multidisciplinary teams and work on major projects, from design to execution. ” said Richard Hélie, CEO of FNX-INNOV.

The integration of AXOR Experts-Conseils is perfectly in line with FNX-INNOV’s strategy and responds to the firm’s orientations and development perspective, both by providing new expertise and target sectors, such as water treatment, industry and mining, and by their significant and recognized presence on the North Shore region. FNX-INNOV therefore continues its mission to redefine engineering without any barriers in order to offer integrated solutions that meet our clients’ most complex requirements, with respect for the environment and the communities we serve.

About AXOR Expert-Conseils
Founded in Sept-Îles in 1972, has been a key player in the engineering and construction of numerous major infrastructure projects in the North Shore region. Through adaptation to different markets and by developing a global approach, AXOR Experts-Conseils offers all the engineering and construction services required to successfully complete particular mandates and/or turnkey projects.

FNX-INNOV is a Quebec-owned engineering company that innovates through the creativity of its specialists to carry out large-scale projects by integrating their know-how from design to execution. The company, established throughout Quebec and Ontario, delivers a full range of services in various sectors, including the environment, infrastructure, buildings, energy efficiency, energy, telecommunications, earth sciences and materials engineering.

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Source : FNX-INNOV
Information : Pascale Laganière
Cell : 514-244-5079

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Double nomination af the Cecobois Awards of Excellence 2017

Alouette University Pavilion – UQAC >> Finalist for the Cecobois Award of Excellence 2017 in :

_Institutional Building Category – More than 1,000 square meters
_Sustainable Development Category.

The winners will be announced at the Cecobois Awards Gala on Thursday, February 2, 2017.

Congratulations to AXOR Experts-Conseils and AXC Construction for this double nomination!
We wish us the best of luck!

Best wishes!

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Happy Holidays & Best Wishes for 2017!

Magic Christmas at AXOR Experts-Conseils

It is now a tradition at AXOR Experts-Conseils to appeal to the generosity of its employees so that less fortunate children can experience the magic of the Holiday Season.

Since not all disadvantaged children can get support from charities, for 2016 we sought the help of an intervener active in the school community in eastern Montreal who provided a list of children for whom our involvement would make a big difference at Christmas time.

Thanks to the great generosity of AXOR Experts-Conseils employees, the 18th edition of Magic Christmas was a great success providing gifts for 54 children, aged 17 and under, thus enabling them to taste the magic of Christmas.

On behalf of these children:
54 Thank yous!

Good news for AXC Construction

AXOR Experts-Conseils is very proud to announce that AXC Construction is now, and for the next 3 years, formally registered as a company authorized to contract or subcontract with a public body, in accordance with the Loi sur les contrats des organismes publics.

AXC Construction, a subsidiary entirely dedicated to the construction industry, enables AXOR Experts-Conseils renewed autonomy to successfully pursue its corporate mission:

To offer our clients integrated engineering and construction services by developing comprehensive solutions that highlight our expertise and foster collaboration on a human scale.

For more information, please contact us:
514.937.3737 | info@axorexperts.com

New railroad siding for ArcelorMittal

AXOR Experts-Conseils is proud to announce a new mandate for the feasibility and retail engineering of a new railroad siding between the Mont-Wright Mining Complex and the Fire Lake Mine, given by ArcelorMittal Mining Canada (AMMC).

>> A study of train movements between the Mont-Wright and Fire Lake sites clearly demonstrates the operational benefits of adding a railroad siding for 240 cars between the two mining sites Of AMMC.

>> This is a strategic project for AMMC to enable it to fully exploit the potential of the Fire Lake mine in a context of rising iron prices.

To have a better understanding of the importance to AMMC of maintaining and increasing its production on the North Shore, read in Les Affaires (in French only) :

Pourquoi ArcelorMittal doit accroître sa production by Antoine Dion-Ortega (Edition of 23 April 2016)

Route 389 Improvement Program

The Ministry of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transportation Electrification (MTMDET) has obtained the final environmental approvals needed to allow the BPR / AXOR Experts-Conseils Consortium complete the preliminary and final plans and specifications of a new safe route improving the winding sector of Route 389 (between km 240 and 254) north of Manic-5.

Did you know?
570 km in length, Route 389 connects Route 138 in the town of Baie-Comeau to the border of Newfoundland and Labrador. Its improvement program aims to implement the essential corrective measures to increase the safety and comfort of its users (correction of road geometry, addition of overtaking zones, reduction of travel times) and improve access to resources and to Northern Québec.

INFRA’s congress of the CERIU

Guest Speaker at the CERIU’s 22nd INFRA Conference last November 23rd, Denis Courchesne, Partner and Vice-President, Urban Infrastructure Division, spoke about the importance of innovation in engineering with the integration of sustainable development principles before an audience of specialists and key players from the municipal, professional and academic communities.

The ground-breaking character of the rainwater management strategy developed by AXOR Experts-Conseils, for Les Bassins du Nouveau Havre was the theme of the conference.

As part of the Griffintown neighborhood, Les Bassins du Nouveau Havre is characterized by the development of green and blue spaces that are conducive to the development of the communities that live, work and evolve there. Precepting respect for the environment and the needs of the community, this LEED ND Gold certified project of the Canada Lands Company is recognized for its sustainable innovations, notably thanks to its unique eco-responsible drainage strategy developed by AXOR Experts-Conseils.

To learn more about the development of this project, visit the Canada Lands Company website.

New bus terminal in Sainte-Julie!

After 2 years of intense labour, the new bus terminal in Sainte-Julie is now fully operational!

AXOR Experts-Conseils has been a significant contributor in this major project and has applied its know-how in the design and/or modification of infrastructures, as well as in the installation of equipment:

> Bus Terminal
> 1000-space incentive parking
> Heated bus shelters
> Sanitary block
> Bike stations
> Displacement of highway ramps
> Extension of Murano Street and Armand-Frappier Blvd.


TVA Nouvelles was present at the inauguration of the incentive parking.
To see the video of the report, click on the link below :


Did you know?
This important mandate is only the most recent of many which have procured significant benefit for the AMT within the fields of Axor Experts-Conseil’s expertise specifically in road networks, municipal services, electricity and urban lighting, structure, signage and security.