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FNX-INNOV and AXOR Experts-Conseils merge

Montreal, October 31, 2019 – Engineering firms FNX-INNOV and AXOR Experts-Conseils announced this morning their merger, by becoming a single company operating under the FNX-INNOV entity. This merger creates a synergy of expertise, resources and territories that allows it to count on nearly 1000 employees and to offer multidisciplinary services in several sectors and regions […]

Double nomination af the Cecobois Awards of Excellence 2017

Alouette University Pavilion – UQAC >> Finalist for the Cecobois Award of Excellence 2017 in : _Institutional Building Category – More than 1,000 square meters _Sustainable Development Category. The winners will be announced at the Cecobois Awards Gala on Thursday, February 2, 2017. Congratulations to AXOR Experts-Conseils and AXC Construction for this double nomination! We […]

Magic Christmas at AXOR Experts-Conseils

It is now a tradition at AXOR Experts-Conseils to appeal to the generosity of its employees so that less fortunate children can experience the magic of the Holiday Season. Since not all disadvantaged children can get support from charities, for 2016 we sought the help of an intervener active in the school community in eastern […]

Good news for AXC Construction

AXOR Experts-Conseils is very proud to announce that AXC Construction is now, and for the next 3 years, formally registered as a company authorized to contract or subcontract with a public body, in accordance with the Loi sur les contrats des organismes publics. — AXC Construction, a subsidiary entirely dedicated to the construction industry, enables […]