A community day for AXOR Experts-Conseils

Together for a better harvest
In direct connection with our 2016 Quality Objective regarding Social Responsibility, on September 30, employees of AXOR Experts-Conseils were mobilized to lend a hand to the Pousse-Pousse Community Garden of Sept-Îles.

Together, they built benches, picnic tables and garbage cans which will be located in the rest area on the edge of the cultivated sections.

A stimulating, sustainable and unifying project
This space, dedicated to growing fruit and vegetables on Quebec’s North Shore, the Pousse-Pousse Community Garden aims to provide an opportunity to the populations of Sept-Îles and Uashat-Maliotenam to grow and consume fresh, organic local fruits and vegetables at lower cost.

For more information on this useful and interesting project, visit the Facebook page of the Pousse-Pousse Community Garden.


Congratulation to all participants!
You may be proud of your actions which demonstrate AXOR Experts-Conseils’ social responsibility.